Solo programme / Repertory

Solo programmeLooking at the recorder repertoire all over history, it is nowadays possible to say that the modern repertoire for this instrument has become wider as the historical one, so the 1990’s and 2000’s have been prolific decades.

How could we ignore this and not devote one entire programme to the contemporary music for recorder?

In a concert programme featuring highlights of the modern recorder repertoire as well as premiere pieces – resulting from collaborations with composers- Marion Fermé invites her audience to discover new sounds and new music from Europe, Australia and Japan on historical and modern recorders.

Gesti, Luciano Berio


Recorder solos
Berio, Luciano Gesti – alto recorder  1966
Eggert, Moritz Außer Atem – soprano, renaissance alto and baroque alto recorder  1999
Fritsch, Johannes Fistula Mortale – pour petite flûte en os 2005
Hahne, Dorothee Commentari III- soprano, alto en sol renaissance et bande 2000
Janssen, Guus Largo – tenor recorder 1989
Jacopuci, Alberto Crunch – alto recorder 2010
Kawakami, Noriko Klangrede – Blockspiel – flûte à bec alto, petites  percussions et voix 1998
Lara, Ana Icaro – tenor recorder
Lino Lemke, Sascha re: re: record a re: #1, for sopranino recorder and live electronics + Unplugged version  2009
  re: re: record a re: #2 for alto recorder and live electronics  2009
  re: re: record a re: #3 for bass recorder and live electronics  2011
Mc Gowan, Ned Workshop – alto recorder and band  2004
 Rhiem, Rolf  Weed’s in Ophelia’s Hair – alto recorder 1991
Rosaz, Jean-Christophe Windway – flûte à bec soprano
Tedde, Giorgio Austro – flûte à bec alto  1991 Respiration circulaire
  Ripartita – flûte à bec alto  1992
Tsoupaki, Caliope Charavgi – flûte renaissance en sol 1999
Shinoara, Makoto Fragmente – flûte à bec ténor
Schoeller, Philippe Hypnos Linea, solo flûte à bec basse
Stockhausen, Karlheinz In Freundschaft, alto  1984
Yun, Isang Chinese Pictures (four parts)
Wolff, Jean-Claude Homage à Messiaen, pour flûte à bec ténor.   2016 Création M.Fermé (12.01.2017, Paris)
Zahnhausen, Markus Russische Skizzen -alto
Lux Aeterna – alto  1992
Horns of Elfland – tenor  1999
Duos recorder and other instrument or voice
Dinescu, Violeta Dialogo – alto recorder and viola
Hajdu, Georg Tsunami – alto recorder and toy piano Version for Effusions 2006/07
Henriksen, Stephen Dufte – for tenor recorder and harp 1994
Liao, Lin Ni De Animatae – sopranino, soprano, alto recorder  and  prepared piano and tot piano Commande d’Effusions. Création 2013
Köszeghy, Peter Amok Shock (version 2)
Marcel, Linda Evocare for singing bowls and piano  2014
Stahnke, Manfred Chanson à l’hoquet – alto recorder in e and piano Arrangement for Effusions. Creation 2012
Rydin, Alexandre Aria – flûte à bec alto et piano
Schoeller Philippe Hypnos Linea for recorder and voice
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Signes du Zodiac – Gémaux, Balance, Vierge
Trio recorder/voice/keyboard
Alvarez Martinez, Sirah Canço de invadits – soprano singer, sopranino, grand basse Pätzold en do, piano /toy piano/kalimba Commande d’Effusions Création 20.07.2016
Finnissy, Michael Two Motets – soprano singer, tenor recorder, piano Arrangement de M. Fermé
Farquhar, David Ariel’s song – soprano singer, recorder, piano 1996
Lino Lemke, Sascha Lo ferm voler, chanteuse soprano, flûtes à bec sopranino, soprano, tenir, piano Commande d’Effusions, création 20.07.2016
Hülcker, Neele Home of Shocks – soprano voice, bass recorder soprano recorder, violin, piano/toy piano/kalimba Commande d’Effusions, création Hamburg 2012
Köszeghy, Peter La grotte de Lascaux – soprano voici, g-alt renaissance recorder, toy piano and violin Commande d’Effusions, création Zürich 2013
Stahnke, Manfred Chanson – base recorder, violon, soprano voice, piano Arrangement for Effusions 2011