Marion Fermé has the soloist-diploma of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and the highest French pedagogical diploma for teaching early music.

Marion Fermé lives in Paris since August 2011. She teaches the recorder in Paris at the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud (14th. arrondissement) and at the music school of Elancourt (near Versailles). She goes to Hamburg  (Germany) several time a year to give courses.

Organisation of recorder courses

Possible theme of study:
Breathing and Sound: control and dynamic.
Application in the following repertoires
-French baroque music: sonatas, ornaments, characters of the different dances
-Italian early baroque music, sonatas, chansons, diminutions
-Renaissance music for recorder ensembles: Franco-Flemish, Italian and English Repertoire
– Medieval music from the 14th and 15th centuries in France and Italy
– Contemporary music: any piece with advance notification. Help to study pieces like Fragmente, Gesti, Auβer Atem, Austro (in circular breathing)
– Improvisation, new music for beginners

This list is not restrictive; the entire recorder repertoire can be studied.

Please contact me for any question.